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20.9.2009: In accordance with new molecular research the genus Glaucopsyche is divided into Glaucopsyche, Iolana and Phengaris (synonym: Maculinea), and genus Maniola is divided into Maniola and Hyponephele. The authorship of [Schiffermüller] is restored back to [Denis & Schiffermüller].
The info on Heteropterus morpheus, Euchloe penia, Erebia neleus (cassioides auct.), Hipparchia orestes
Nymphalis xanthomelas, Melitaea arduinna, M. britomartis is modified and/or expanded.
New live photos of Euchloe cardamines, Lycaena ottomana, Iolana iolas
Hipparchia orestes, H. amalthea
Nymphalis xanthomelas, Euphydryas maturnaMelitaea arduinna, M. britomartis. 

30.4.2008: Updated distribution and biology of Plebeius orphicus (Kolev, 2005).

17.4.2008: First live photos of Zerynthia polyxena.

12.9.2007: First live photo of Gegenes nostrodamus and new live photos of Lampides boeticus, Tarucus balkanicus and Maniola jurtina.

15.7.2007: The Links section has been updated with several new butterfly websites.

27.6.2007: After a brief trip to Bulgaria in early June I have added first live photos to Leptidea duponcheli, Cupido argiades and Pararge petropolitana, and additional live photos to Thymelicus sylvestris, Pyrgus carthami, P. sidae, Leptidea sinapis, Satyrium pruni, Scolitantides vicrama, Plebeius sephirus and P. amanda.

23.2.2007: In accordance with the recommendations of Kudrna & Belicek (2005) I have changed the authorship of Zerynthia polyxena, Plebeius agestis, P. dorylas, P. daphnis, P. damon, Hipparchia arethusa, Apatura ilia, Euphydryas cynthia, Melitaea trivia, Argynnis pandora, A. adippe, A. hecate, Boloria selene and B. pales from "[Denis & Schiffermüller]" to "[Schiffermüller]" and the authorship and year of publication of Erebia medusa and Melitaea phoebe from "[Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775" to "Fabricius, 1787" and "Goeze, 1779" respectively.

1.9.2006: Contact e-mail address changed to kolevbutterfliesofbulgaria.com. Added live photos to: Heteropterus morpheus, Carterocephalus palaemon, Euchloe ausonia, Pieris chloridice, Thecla betulae, Satyrium pruni, Glaucopsyche alexis, Plebeius damon, Maniola lupina, Erebia alberganus, Apatura metis, Limenitis populi and Boloria eunomia. These images have been taken by Dr. Stoyan Beshkov, whom I thank wholeheartedly.

17-18.8.2006: On 14.8 ended my 6-week stay in Bulgaria. The result, despite the relatively poor butterfly season (over two weeks late), is over 8 gigabytes of images of butterflies and their habitats. I photographed for the first time 12 species: Thymelicus acteon, Hesperia comma, Pyrgus alveus, Colias alfacariensis, Glaucopsyche arion, Cupido osiris, Cupido alcetas, Cupido decoloratus, Plebeius argyrognomon, Araschnia levana, Argynnis niobe and Argynnis paphia; all these photos are uploaded. New photos from this season are added to: Erynnis tages, Carcharodus flocciferus, Colias croceus, Aporia crataegi, Pieris brassicae, Pieris rapae, Pieris ergane, Lycaena alciphron, Lycaena candens, Satyrium spini, Cupido minimus, Celastrina argiolus, Scolitantides vicrama, Plebeius argus, Plebeius idas, Plebeius semiargus, Plebeius thersites, Plebeius dorylas, Plebeius daphnis, Coenonympha glycerion, Aphantopus hyperantus, Erebia medusa, Erebia oeme, Melanargia galathea, Melanargia larissa, Hipparchia arethusa, Nymphalis c-album, Euphydryas aurinia, Melitaea aurelia, Argynnis adippe and Argynnis hecate. Black borders have been added to all live photos for uniformity with the habitat and set specimen photos.

23.6.2006: Website launched, with bilingual introductory texts and accounts on all 223 butterfly species recorded reliably or doubtfully (in my opinion) from Bulgaria, 150 species accounts illustrated with live photos and 66 with photos of set specimens.



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