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Melitaea arduinna (Esper, [1783])   


Range: SE Europe (Balkan Peninsula, steppes of E Ukraine, S Russia and W Kazakhstan), W and C Asia.

Distribution in Bulgaria: Poorly known, until recently recorded only from Poda village near Burgas, Sboryanovo reserve in NE Bulgaria and Vráshka Chuka hill in W Stara Planina. Recently found in several localities in NW Bulgaria  and especially along the S Black Sea coast.

Habitat: Bushy glades in woodland.

Bionomics: One generation from May till July. Larval host-plants: Centaurea (Tolman & Lewington 1997).

Conservation status: In Bulgaria apparently a very local and rare species, which needs dedicated research. Threatened in many regions of Europe. IUCN category: Data Deficient, possibly Vulnerable. Its inclusion into the Red Data Book of Bulgaria is herewith recommended.