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Hipparchia fatua Freyer, [1844]   

Name in Tolman & Lewington (1997): Neohipparchia fatua

Range: The Balkan Peninsula, Asia Minor to Caucasus and Iran.

Distribution in Bulgaria: Most widespread in the Struma valley S of and including Kresna gorge. More local and rare in the hottest river valleys and gorges of Rhodopi and along the Black Sea coast. From sea level to ca. 800 m.

Habitat: Dry, hot rocky bushy slopes.

Bionomics: One generation flying from July to September. Larval host-plants: grasses (Poaceae) (Tolman & Lewington 1997).

Conservation status: Needs clarification. The species has a very limited range in Bulgaria and its populations are usually small, except those in the S Struma valley. The habitat of one of the largest among the latter populations, the one in Kresna gorge, is threatened by planned construction. IUCN category: Data Deficient, possibly Vulnerable.