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Hipparchia fagi (Scopoli, 1763)   


Systematics: This and the next species are very similar externally and in older Bulgarian sources both are reported as "fagi".

Range: Endemic to Europe: occurs in S and partly C Europe from N Spain to Ural and the Balkan Peninsula.

Distribution in Bulgaria: Widespread but usually local from sea level to ca. 1500 m (personal observations). In the hotter areas of S Bulgaria occurs together with the very similar Hipparchia syriaca, with which it can be confused.

Habitat: Bushy glades, clearings, mountain slopes and margins of deciduous and mixed forests.

Bionomics: One generation flying from June to October. Larval host-plants: grasses (Poaceae) (Tolman & Lewington 1997).

Conservation status: Widespread and usually common. IUCN category: Lower risk, least concern.