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Carcharodus orientalis Reverdin, 1913   


Male, Kresna gorge

Systematics: This species was separated from the closely similar C. flocciferus only relatively recently. In many cases determination is possible only on the basis of genitalia.

Range: Balkan Peninsula, steppes of SE Europe, Asia Minor to Iran and Caucasus.

Distribution in Bulgaria: Very local in the warmest lowland regions of S Bulgaria; N of Stara Planina occurs only along the Black Sea coast.

Habitat: Hot, dry grassy and rocky places.

Bionomics: Two, in the hottest regions perhaps three generations from May till August. Larval host-plants: Stachys (Lamiaceae) (Tolman & Lewington 1997).

Conservation status: Local and usually rare, needs further studies.  IUCN category:  Data Deficient.