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Boloria graeca (Staudinger, 1870)   


Systematics: Recently a new subgenus Smoljana of genus Boloria and a new species to science, Boloria (Smoljana) rhodopensis, were described from western Rhodopi: Smolyan Lakes (Slivov 1995). Abadjiev & Beshkov (2000) showed that the type series of these taxa actually is Boloria graeca.

Range: SW Alps, the central Balkan Peninsula, Turkey.

Distribution in Bulgaria: Vitosha, Rila, Pirin and Alibotush between 1600 and ca. 2300 m, but found up to 2600 m a.s.l. The records from W Rhodopi are baseless according to my research in that region; the type series of the aforementioned Boloria (Smoljana) rhodopensis Slivov 1995 is apparently mislabelled and most probably comes from N Pirin (Kolev 2002a).

Habitat: Dry or moist grassy, sometimes stony subalpine and lower alpine habitats.

Bionomics: One generation flying in July and August. Larval host-plants: Viola (Tolman & Lewington 1997).

Conservation status: This species, although not directly threatened, is of conservation interest owing to its restricted Bulgarian as well as total range. IUCN category: Vulnerable. Its inclusion into the Red Data Book of Bulgaria is herewith recommended.



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