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Apatura metis Freyer, 1829   


Photo: Stoyan Beshkov

Systematics: In older Bulgarian sources mentioned as a form of the similar Apatura ilia. It has since been established that these are two separate species that can occur together in some places.

Range: SE Europe and, after a wide gap, the Far East.

Distribution in Bulgaria: In lowlands and mountain foothills up to ca. 700 m a.s.l.

Habitat: Hot river valleys and banks with willows.

Bionomics: Two generations from late May till August. Larval host-plant: Salix (Tolman & Lewington 1997).

Conservation status: Appears relatively widespread in Bulgaria, but in view of its limited European range and its occurrence almost entirely in densely populated agricultural regions is of conservation interest in this country. Therefore research on its distribution and status is necessary. IUCN category: Data Deficient, possibly Lower risk, near threatened.